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Family Tree

Family Tree


Original Art 

Hand burned by Jaydlyn Joan 

Each piece comes with a signed certificate of authenticity 


This piece was the fan favourite of the season. It also happened to be one of my favourites- so I kept it for a year to enjoy it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am my own best customer. I don't really do this for the money, and so if there's a piece I enjoy it seems a shame to part with it immediately; I want to enjoy it. However office space is running out, and the time has come for me to release it into the wild.

This is a highly detailed piece considering how small the subjects are, with lots of fur textures and details. The bark on the tree stands out with it's realistic look, and yet not so much as stealing the show away from the subjects. The shrubbage at the bottom is a nod to huckleberries here in the Kootenays. 

This is burned on a gorgeous piece of reclaimed maple that was harvested here in the Kootenays, with stunning live edge bark framing either side.


  • 11.5" tall and approx 6.5" wide - 7.5" at the widest point.
  • Finished with a Polycrylic
  • Reclaimed live edge silver maple from the Kootenay Area
  • Natural bark on two sides
  • Comes affixed with sawtooth hangers or can sit on a shelf.


Each piece is unique and a one of a kind original creation by Jaydlyn Joan. Works are highly detailed with a photo realistic look. Each hair is burned individually, and with close attention paid to the patterns and flow of the fur of each animal. Shading and highlighting is expertly applied creating depth and contrast to each piece. Recognised internationally for fine pyrography, Jaydlyn Joan creates pieces that are known for their high quality and realistic details.

  • Important info

    Please read all terms and conditions before purchasing. Purchasing is taken as acknowledgment that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

    Jaydlyn Joan retains copyright of the original artwork/image and has the right to reproduce prints/goods/stickers/promotional ads/videos/reels/or *any/other merchandise* at any time using the image. Customer may not reproduce/copy artworks at any time.

    All pyrography art can be subject to fading over time, regardless of any finishes applied. This is due to a chemical reaction that happens within the wood itself, as well as external factors such as UV exposure. My deep cutting techinique allows for longevity, however some fine details may still become less defined over time.

    All pieces are burned by hand without the use of lasers or programs. 



  • additional info

    Please read my terms . Purchasing a piece acknowledges that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.


    Payment is due in full at the time of purchase.


    Pieces take 3-5 business days to dispatch to ensure quality and proper packaging for shipping.


    Pieces will be shipped via Canada post. You will be provided with a tracking number, and the package will require a signature upon collection. Shipping times estimated to be 3-7 business days for within Canada, 3-15 business Days for US, and 12-45 Business days for international.


    Customer is responsible for any additional import fees or customs/duties due upon import to your country.


    It is the buyers responsibility to ensure their proper shipping address is provided upon purchase, and will be charged for reshipping if undeliverable. 


    Items are presumed to arrive in good condition, and otherwise the customer must contact Jaydlyn Joan immediately.


    Returns are not accepted and all sales are final, however certain expections may be accepted- See my terms and conditions for more information

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