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Natural Wood Jewellery

Keep a little slice of the Kootenay's! This jewellery line is made with wood hand collected from the wilderness of the Kootenay region in BC, Canada. Made from a wide selection of tree species found in the area, each set is hand cut and completely unique, and Any wood burned features have been burned by hand.

This project was years in the making with an impressive amount of trials and errors, mistakes and accidents, bleeding fingers, and wood pieces -everywhere-.

The wood is meticulously hand harvested by me when I'm out exploring the Kootenay's and brought home where I hand cut each piece. As each branch of each tree species will always be unique, I only have a few cm's of cuts to get two identical pieces for a pair- so no two pairs will ever be the same. I'm constantly switching between tree species, and I'm in love with this jewellery line as it showcases the beautiful natural colours of each wood variety.

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