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Casual Art Prints 6" x 9"/ 6"x11"

Casual Art Prints 6" x 9"/ 6"x11"


Art prints have been something I've struggled with creating when it comes to my art pieces.

How do you replace wood with paper? 

You can't, really...

I find without the actual physical wood the whole essence of the piece is missing. You can't see the layers of depth or feel the grooves in the wood: you lose certain qualities. I find it's hard to justify charging so much for high quality art prints on specialty paper for that reason. 

As well as that: I've always been someone who buys an art print, not thinking of what comes after- the framing. I have many, many art prints rolled up or stored away because I haven't gotten around to framing them yet. I want to do them justice and display them properly, and so they sit, stored away until the day I get around to it.

So These are my solution. 

They are not on high quality art paper, but they're durable and you can handle them without damaging any inks. You can even drop them in the snow a bunch of times like I did. They've been cropped in a way to fit the burned images- some bark may be missing and some background may be showing, as the wood pieces I burn on are not uniform in shape.

I've made these affordable so you can enjoy them in more casual ways than traditional art prints. 

-Hang them in your locker

-stick them to a wall, use tape or thumbtacks without guilt!

-send them as postcards 

- Use them as gift or stocking stuffers 

-Use them for your own art projects

-These can go anywhere, in your cubicle, at your desk, on a shelf, they are just an affordable way for you to bring my art pieces in to your home 

Also-these have a soft touch quality- they feel so nice!

They come in two sizes, in a variety of images with more to come. 


The photo's pictured have been taken outside in natural lighting with no further editing, to show a realistic depiction of how they look.


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