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Pyrography Art and Custom Creations

***We learn from failure- not from success***


I have made a mistake on my shipping options, and my website is allowing international shipping regardless of country. This is not the case and I am unable to ship to certain counties with import restrictions on wood products- such as Australia.

Please check with google that your country allows untreated wood imports before ordering!!

If you order and I am unable to ship to you, I will refund your money.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the Pyrography of Jaydlyn Joan. 

**Fall collection releasing November 10th, 4pm psT**

I am a Canadian born-and-raised artist living in Rossland BC.

I specialize in intricately detailed and realistic portraits of Canadian wildlife, burned by hand onto an assortment of wood varieties found here in Canada.

All my pieces are done entirely by hand-one hair at a time, using a Razertip SK pyrography machine, and without the use of lasers or CNC machines of any kind. 

My pieces are renowned for their lifelike fur textures and realistic features, and my carving technique allows for long lasting and textured pieces that resist fading.

Any reference photo's used for my works are ethically sourced and purchased from photographers- locally whenever possible.

I aim to honour my Canadian roots, not only by sharing my art of Canadian animals, but using entirely Canadian tools, wood, photographers, and equipment whenever possible.

My summer 2023 market season has come to an end. Catch me at the winter markets-TBA

Pet portraits are currently *Closed* with a reopening date TBA

Keep up to date with my current projects by following my instagram.

I may not be able to respond right away to any inquiries, so please take a look at my FAQ and hopefully any questions you  may have can be answered there. 

Thanks for visiting.


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FALL 2023



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Pyrography, or Wood burning, is the free handed art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks, resulting from the controlled application of a heated object. The greek terminology translates to "writing with fire".
There are a variety of tools that can accomplish burn marks: professional or hobby wood burning machines, electric currents, hot knives, even a magnifying glass. I use a RazertipSK professional pyrography machine with interchangeable tips, which allows me to achieve fine details and a variety of shades. It's like using a calligraphy pen, but the tip of that pen is red hot and on wood rather than paper.
Along with burning the wood, it's possible to add colour with paint, stains, pencil crayons, and other medias as well as different finishes.
Everything available on my page is made and designed by me, wood burned and painted by hand.

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Jaydlyn fabro 

Pyrography artist

woodburned art

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Rossland BC

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