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I'm looking for photos of Kootenay (or Canadian) wildlife!

I wouldn't be able to create my art if it wasn't for the amazing photographers capturing the images I use for reference photos.

I've recently started working with local wood, and to pay homage to the area in which we live - I'm seeking to purchase photos of animals taken within the Kootenay area. 

These photo's would preferably be purchased with a commercial license, giving me freedom to replicate the image as a woodburn, that I would then be able to sell and share on my medias, as well as sell any stickers/ prints etc of my art based on your photo.  It should be noted that While my art is quite realistic- it will differ from your image and would not be an exact replica. (I wish I was that good) 

Along with purchasing the images I would also be happy to credit/ tag the photographer's social accounts. My instagram account has over 100K followers including celebrities such as Joe Rogan, it could be a beneficial way to gain exposure. 

The photographs I'm looking for would be of Canadian animals- they don't have to be amazing examples of photography- a photo that doesn't work for you could work well for me, for instance if I just needed the head and not the body.

Looking for Batches of photo's for a set price or prices for individual photo's if they're specialty.

If you'd like to collab and let me use your photo's email me some examples and the amount you'd be looking for and we'll go from there.

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I love free stuff!

Have something you want me to try? Want to team up for a project? 
I like finding new products and meeting new people, if you think my page would be a good fit hit me up!

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